Blockchain for Business
Our team of experts is dedicated to supporting businesses through blockchain consultancy and training. Blockchain offers extraordinary potential to improve operational efficiency and corporate data security. With years of experience in blockchain technology, we are ready to help you understand how this innovation can optimize your business. Our consultants work closely with you to develop tailor-made solutions that meet your specific needs. Harness the potential of blockchain to grow and stay competitive in your industry.

Our Team


Giacomo Zucco

bitcoin evangelistBcademy Professor – Graduated in Physics, technology consultant at Accenture, at the same time active on political and economic issues. In 2013 he left consulting to participate in the development of various Bitcoin start-ups. Since 2015 he has been directing the non-profit research foundation known as the BHB Network. In 2016 he launched the international network of consulting firms Blockchainlab.
Main competencies: Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Business Modeling.


Marco Amadori

He began working as a technologist and researcher at the Bruno Kessler Foundation (FBK) in 2011. Bitcoin has been an object of study and passion for him since 2014. In 2016, together with a team of developers, researchers, teachers and enthusiasts, he founded inbitcoin, a start-up that develops products and services supporting Bitcoin technology. He helped making Trentino the “Bitcoin Valley”. Active on Lightning Networks research with inbitcoin and pioneer of “street” bitcoin with Comproeuro, he co-founded and collaborates with Bcademy, of which he is a teacher.
Main competencies: Linux, Python, Debian.


Francesco Simoncelli

Economist and blogger, he is a member of the scientific committee of Bcademy. Co-founder of the Mises Italia association, author of books on economics and economic policy, translator of books on politics and economics.
Main competencies: Austrian school, economy, blogger


Guido Giuseppe Pascotto

Guido Pascotto is the founder of Dmyzero, publishing and communication company owned by Safarà Editore. In 2015 he met the world of cryptocurrency, sensing its revolutionary significance. He thus became a partner of inbitcoin, and in 2018 he was co-founder (PR) and CFO of Bcademy.
Main competencies: Public Relation
s, Networker, Publishing


Lia Correzzola

Entrepreneur, president of the Young Entrepreneurs of Pordenone from 2015 to 2020, member of the board and CMO of Bcademy. She is interested in the socio-economic revolution brought by Bitcoin. Lia participated in the birth of Bcademy bringing an entrepreneurial and educational point of view.


Alessio Salvetti

Co-founder of Bcademy, Alessio is a partner (former board member) of Impact Hub Trentino. Former philosophy teacher, business developer and academic consultant, bitcoiner by passion and expert in modeling and lean startup, he is co-founder of Inbitcoin and responsible for the supply of Bcademy products (CPO).
Main competencies: Business Modeling, Project management, Business Development.


Federica Franchi

Graduated in Economics, she developed an interest in Bitcoin in order to better understand its operating mechanisms and its implications on an economic and social level, realizing its importance. She is a speaker at various cryptocurrency conferences and contributed to the birth of Bcademy. An expert in tax consultancy, she is a consultant on financial planning methodologies for entrepreneurial activities.
Main competencies: Business plan, Business strategy, Negotiations.


Giorgio Maria Mazzoli

A lawyer with over 20 years of experience, he approached Bitcoin from a legal point of view in 2014. Since then he has assisted several companies and start-ups in dealing with legal issues related to applications in blockchain technology. He is co-founder of the Coinlex network.
Main competencies: Law


Enrico Paludet

Notary and lawyer, specialized in civil, commercial and inheritance law. A passion for law and economics led him to engage in all kinds of scientific activities, from research to teaching.
Main skills: Contract and Property Law


Simone Da Re

Developer since 14th years old, fascinated by Open Source, IoT, P2P and Cryptography, is always looking for new technologies and new ideas.
Main competencies: Node.js, PHP, Java


Antonio Parrella

Passionate about IT, he is a software engineer at inbitcoin. Bcademy teacher.
Main competencies: Qt, Debian, C++


David Coen

David is an IT consultant and Quality Assurance Support consultant for Edge Wallet, a San Diego company that has released a non-custodial, open source and privacy oriented multicurrency wallet. He is part of the Bcademy team, with which he collaborates as a teacher on Bitcoin and blockchain. He is the author of the book “Questions and answers on Bitcoin: from the concept of blockchain to the definition of the LNP / BP suite”.